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Island Cuisine Charlotte is a Caribbean restaurant like no other. It specializes in Jamaican dishes but like Jamaican culture, its sumptuous menu is a melting pot of unique Caribbean cuisine blended into one.

At island Cuisine Charlotte, we dare to serve up the best of Jamaica and the Caribbean while catering to the tastes of everyone who may have never experienced the beauty of the island and its exotic culinary offerings.

Island Cuisine Charlotte is owned and managed by experienced proprietors who have intimate knowledge of real Jamaican food. Not only have they lived on the island serving the public there for decades, but they have made it a duty to make frequent trips into the heart of Jamaica. This ensures that they are always in tune with the rhythm of the people and the taste of authentic Jamaican cuisine.

Every meal at Island Cuisine Charlotte is prepared using real Jamaican spices that must not only pass the scrutiny of the owners but also the shrewd eyes of our Jamaican chefs. The expertise of our chefs is world class. They know just the right amount of spice that will appeal to your senses and keep you yearning for more.

At Island Cuisine Charlotte, we guarantee that our chefs’ superior experience will have you feeling like you are having a home-cooked meal prepared by those who love you most.

Come dine with us! The ambience of Island Cuisine Charlotte is relaxing. The environment is impeccable and friendly. The customer service is not only professional, but is the best you will find anywhere. The food? We make it a policy not to talk about the food, because Island Cuisine Charlotte is the only restaurant where the food speaks for itself!

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Island Cuisine Charlotte is your preferred place to enjoy the best jamaican dishes and feel at home.

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